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How to View PowerPoint on Android Devices with Five Methods

What do we usually do with Android smartphones/tablets in daily life? Take a call, text messages, send and check E-mail, and play games? How about dealing with working affairs on the go? Of course, we can also manage business with our Android devices since that all kinds of Android working-related apps have been developed on Google Play and some manufactories like Samsung have pushed off some unique android-based services to target business users!

We often use PowerPoint on the working, and If we can view PowerPoint presentation on Android smartphones and tablets, that will be more convenient and flexible for our life! However, Microsoft has no plan to develop Android version of Microsoft Office so far. So we have to figure out some alternatives to watch PowerPoint on Android! That is why this blog is written and we will share five methods to view PowerPoint on Android!

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5 Tips on Effectively Using Videos in Presentations

by Gordon McMahan

When you’re giving a business presentation, you must enlighten and educate the audience based on your area of expertise. After all, they are in attendance because you have something important they want and need to hear.  If you’re looking for a way to better engage your audience, consider the benefits of incorporating video.

video 5 Tips on Effectively Using Videos in Presentations

Video is an incredibly effective storytelling tool, and here are five pointers on successfully incorporating video to make your presentation a success.

5 Tips on Effectively Using Videos in Presentations:

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Using Video in Your Next Presentation: A Baker’s Dozen of Ideas and Tips

by Steven J. Bell

At the 2009 Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) conference, two colleagues and I gave a presentation about user experience and how to deliver it in a library setting. We framed the presentation around the experience delivered at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Instead of just telling the audience what happens there, we obtained a 30-second video shot at the fish market. Those 30 seconds captured the essence of the experience and told the attendees far more about the fish market than we ever could with our words or a single visual image in our slides.

When it comes to helping others learn, there is a simple piece of advice that is often recommended to educators: Show! Don’t tell. While appealing to the visual learning style of an audience is always a good idea, there is a growing expectation for more than just static images. They want video. If you want to deliver more dynamic presentations with more powerful visuals, then consider integrating video into them. It’s up to you to determine how to find the best content and how to smartly integrate it into your presentation. This article will provide tips and techniques for doing both.

Why Video?

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