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Public Speaking: What are great ways to perfect one’s presentation skills?


by Edmond Lau

A great presentation consists of two important parts: well-structured content that empowers the idea that you’re trying to convey and an eloquent style of delivery that keeps your audience’s attention on your content.  Both parts aim to facilitate the communication of your idea to an audience.  Poor structure makes it more difficult for your audience to follow along and extract the salient points, and poor delivery detracts from the content.

An effective and general paradigm for structuring content that’s applicable to any presentation, essay, research paper, funding pitch, job application presentation, resume, or tech talk comes from what MIT Professor Patrick Winston — an AI veteran with a lecture series on How to Speak — calls VSNC. [1]  Based on this structure, any compelling presentation or paper builds upon the following four cornerstones:

  • a clearly defined vision statement,
  • an enumeration of concrete steps toward achieving the vision,
  • an articulation of salient news and results with clarifying details, and
  • a summary of contributions.

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Working from home? How to stop procrastinating and get on with it (no grazing, tweeting or tidying)

How to work from home without getting distracted by social media, constant emails, internet ‘research’, family and friends popping by, and going to the kitchen for snacks.


The number of people over 50 starting their own business is the highest it’s been. Some people take this route out of necessity, others to turn longstanding dreams into reality.

Whatever the reason for their creation, many of these new businesses are run from home.

The thought of working in solitude at home probably sounds like bliss to those used to the interruptions and annoyances of office life. There are certainly many benefits, but there are still distractions when you work from home.

What gets in the way of constant high productivity and focus? And what can you do about it?

Family and friends distraction

Judy Mansfield is a celebrant who runs her business, Cherish Ceremonies, from home in Warwickshire. She designs and conducts ceremonies for life’s key moments: weddings, vow renewals, baby namings and funerals.

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