Fantastic Forced Perspective Photographs by Michael Paul Smith

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”~ John Wooden 

Michael Paul Smith has an eye for detail that’s for sure. These wonderful images are made using highly detailed models, a $250 point-and-shoot camera and a great eye for perspective.

For over 25 years Michael has been building delightfully detailed scenes of mid-20th century America using 1/24 models.

‘I’m creating a mood, something familiar in the viewer’s mind,’ Smith told the New York Times.
The reason a cheap and cheery point-and-shoot works well for forced perspective photography is because of the very small sensors cheaper compact cameras tend to have. The small sensor facilitates a much greater depth of field, much greater than that of a full



frame sensor. The smaller the sensor the easier to get everything in sharp focus.  So dust off your old point and shoot and give it a try!

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